New Player Profile Overview Bug Thread

Hey all! We've revamped the Player Profile Overview tab in preparation for Ranked 2019 and Clash! There's already been some discussion around including clash emblems in the overview tab, so I wanted to add a note from our product lead for some additional context: "Hey guys, I'm the product manager for the team working on these profile changes. The current screen you're seeing on PBE doesn't quite have all the elements we've planned yet (though it does have the majority). One big note is that we've increased the size and amount of information in some of the hover states (ranked and champ mastery noticeably). I feel you on the pain of having those empty icons right now. Ultimately what we're trying to do with these changes is mostly set-up for the future - when we bring Clash back and also for the ranked changes that are planned for 2019. That means that right now they're going to be a little more empty, but that should change soon. While the main purpose of this thread is to track bugs, I welcome any feedback you have as well so we can keep making improvements! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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