HELP: Report a Bug and boards are bugged Posted pictures to my imgur of the situation. basically, I went to practice tool to test new reworks, found out champ select was random for some reason. Came to the boards to check it out, and all the boards are blank. Everything I clicked on my laptop was blank: comments, body of the discussion, views and ratings, etc. I was so confused and went to report a bug. The riot games report a Bug page is broke and gave me a blank white screen that wouldn't go away. Now I'm getting concerned. I've had to get on my phone and report this issue because I can't do it on my laptop but Riot, please help. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if others who can't get on boards and or report this bug are having issues too. I may be just one or one of hundreds/ thousands with this issue. Please look into it?

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