[Bug] Overheal rune gives massive shields to specific champions.

__(**Hotfixed**, now overheal works properly)__ Im not sure how's the interaction. But champions that have a passive that activates after death triggers that bug, giving them a lot of shield. The shield itself vary related to the champion in specific. Those champions are affected by this bug: * Anivia (with his pasive, the egg can have up to 3,5k of shield) * Sion (Shield strenght may vary, but once he attacks once, the shield resets to a normal shield that the player could gather normally) If any of those champions dies with his passive up, the shield will appear. This, of course, can only happen each 3 min on Anivia (which is her passive CD) and with Sion always will happen, but its very unconsistent on shield given. Here's a gif with overheal shielding anivia on her passive: https://i.imgur.com/LgCIkWg.gifv Here's a video, with higher resolution and smoother fps (you'll have to click it): https://imgur.com/67y48Nt Those are the runes i used to get that bug: https://imgur.com/3cp42pn (Credit to "Roo Pbe Fus" for finding this out)

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