so where is RIOT from all that's happening in the PBE ? :) i just finished a game a guy wanted to play yasuo n someone dodged so when we started again i banned him cuz bis i didnt came to PBE to play yas :) the guy started to flame insult etc ... but when i told him i'll rep u he laughed :) he said and i quote ( in the PBE i dont think so ) .... and he is right ! .. why is that ? every goddamn game i run into 1 or 2 afk's ... what if they are having a bad game they start to flame on us insulting etc .. not to mention the RP grants ( oops sorry i'm crying again about it ) imagine this problem in the normal game.... loool they would shut down the game till it fix.. i want someone to tell me are they taking this serious enough to rep someone or just quit the game and be done with this headache ? cuz i really left the normal game n came to the PBE cuz of what ?? flamers / afk's / toxic / trollers etc :)

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