(TFT) bugs and suggestions

1) lulu ult is bugged, it doesn't target anyone. 2) In between battles ,Champions sometimes just stand there doing nothing. 3) Sometimes when champs die they are still targeted. 4) The gold earning should be more clear. I had to guess that it starts working at 10 gold, it should mention it. 5) Kha'zix name is bugged sometimes. 6) champ selection zone should have a timer,i have ended up with random champs too many times. 7) After losing the spectator screen should be more clear.(Auto hover the the players maybe?) 8) the champs and items should be explained in the client.(i had no idea about the pirate chest) thats all i can think of right now, ill keep on updating. edit: 6) it has a timer, i was too busy with selecting champs i didnt even realize.

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