Introducing a new PBE bug boards account experiment - The PBE Squad

Heyo PBE friends! I’m posting today to introduce a new PBE boards account - “The PBE Squad”. We’re trying out a new strategy to get PBE players more information about their bug reports by using this account. As the name might imply, our plan is to have multiple different posters using this account. You’ll be able to spot this account by its distinct light blue / teal / aquamarine name, and its distinctive Blitzcrank “Missing Ping the Enemy Team” Emote icon. _Why are we trying this out?_ We want you to know when we’ve looked at a report that you’ve posted on the boards, and we want you to get an update that makes that clear. We aren’t doing a great job of commenting after seeing a bug report, despite spending quite a bit of time actually looking through them. Sometimes we miss reports because of bad internal communication - I might assume that someone else saw a post, when they actually did not. This can lead to missed reports, delayed fixes, and sometimes bad stuff going live. Our hope is that by creating a grouped account, we can do better on updating the status of issues that you report, while also keeping track of various reports. _Why isn’t the account marked with Riot flair / doesn’t show up on Red Tracker?_ We want to maintain the expectation that if you see a Riot flair on a post, there’s an individual Rioter posting in that thread who you could have a conversation with. With this account, we will have multiple different users posting, and it will be entirely focused on providing information about bug reports or asking for more details. We don’t want to flood Red Trackers with posts that don’t have a ton of substance. _Does this mean there won’t be anymore Riot-flair posts on the PBE Boards?_ No! There will still be individual Rioters posting from their own accounts on the PBE Boards; that’s not changing. This account should be used to poke on gathering bug details, or to update the status of bugs. Although it’s not an explicit goal, our hope is that this account will also help reduce some of the noise around red posts on the PBE boards, making it easier for PBE players to see the posts that they are more interested in, instead of a series of “Thanks for the report” “Thanks for the report” “Thanks for the report”.... Etc. _I have additional comments and questions about this that you did not predict in this post.. ?_ Ask away! I’ll be hanging around fielding questions :-)
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