New Players: RP and IP

We've changed our method of granting new PBE players IP/RP to play around with. **IL BUONO (the good):** New players now have 40k RP and 100k IP as soon as they log in for the first time. (No longer takes up to 24 hours.) **IL CATTIVO (the bad):** Even though you have the IP/RP it says you have 0. But trust us, you have it! Try buying something if you don't believe us. **IL BRUTTO (the attractively challenged):** It still takes up to 24 hours to get new players auto-leveled to 30. EDIT: It appears the Italian film I'm referencing (Il Buon, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo) was mistranslated into English and should actually be called "The Good, The Ugly, and The Bad". #TIL
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