Sylas Item Bug

Hello everyone. Earlier today I went to play one game in order to test Qiyana, since she was already picked,I took Sylas and went in game. While I was looking for starting items, I noticed 3 items (cost 0 gold) with icon of Pobelter called game_item_tooltip_4515 ; 4516 and 4517 (that's the name in battle replay). Since they had no description I bought one of them and went to my lane. I couldn't realise what it does until once in game I pressed the button on which the item was placed and I casted item on myself and auto attacked minion wave. I noticed that every time I cast that item, nothing special happens to my champion stats, but his passive (Sylas) get's reseted and I do damage that I would normally do only after casting an ability. I asked other players to let the minion wave push to me and show them and asked if anyone can record this with Fraps etc. while my PC i slow and the game would freeze and crash. PS: I will try to record replay of that game later today, but fps might be as low as 15-20. Hope this will be soon fixed before someone realises and starts abusing this bug!
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