Can't get Ingame, getting Bugsplat all the time

I tried normal, i tried Practice Tool, i just can't play anymore. If game satrts and Client wants to change to Ingame i get Bugsplat. Its just here on PBE, Live Server EUW works fine for me. I already tired to solve it with repair, but nothing changed. I think i had this already some week ago and commented and vote up a similar tree. Now i wanted play leo and test the new missions but again i can't go ingame and unfortunetly forced a remake for my team. I sent it a few times few other times not, here are the reports still open: #168256834 #168256969 #168259420. Should i reinstall and install pbe client complete new? or is my account locked for whatever reason? I'm on Low Spec Mode, but not "close client ingame mode" (Still i think with these setti´ngs changed nothing changed, still no conect to ingame). Edit: I fixed it with changing my Settings on Catalyst Control Center.
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