[Gameplay] Galio Flash -> E - Justice Punch Bug

League of Legends PBE Reworked Galio Flash E - Justice Punch Bug
Uploaded by Micah Hamersley on 2017-03-07.
During the extremely short cast time of Galio's E - Justice Punch, if you flash, you'll only go as far as the original cast, instead of increasing the distance from the flash, and with quick cast activated, you have to wait roughly the cast time, or even longer, in order to get the full distance after flashing. [With quick cast without indicator] Flash -> wait about 0.25 seconds -> E, you get full distance from E. E -> Flash during cast time, or within roughly 0.25 seconds of the cast, you only go as far as the original cast. With the indicator on quick cast, it seems there's slightly less time to wait after the flash to get full distance, but if you Flash during the cast time of E, you'll still only go as far as the original cast.

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