[Bug] Yorick's W can trap Scuttle if it gets killed by an enemy champion, granting double vision.

[PBE] League of Legends, Yorick W Scuttle Bug (With Vision)
If someone kills the scuttle while is trapped in between an enemy Yorick's W, the scuttle will be trapped inside it and will give vision to the place it has been stuck, granting double vision. Recorded in PBE, Patch v8.23, 11/11
If an enemy Yorick manages to trap the Scuttle and you kill it, the Scuttle will be locked on Yorick's W. Once the Yorick's W goes off, the scuttle will grant vision to the place he was stuck, giving vision to that place AND the place where it belongs, granting double vision. Steps: 1. Pick any kind if champion (Ranged better) and an enemy Yorick. 2. Lower Scuttle's health on a place far where it will go after killing it 3. Trap the Scuttle with enemy Yorick's W and kill it with an allied champion 4. The Scuttle will be stuck on the place and wouldnt move. Once enemy Yorick's W runs out, it will bury down, granting vision to that place as well. Yorick's Perspective (Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJA46jgdDdo Allied Perspective (Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7ofNWO5bgQ

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