{Miss Fortune} -- HUD bug,Audio bug

ive played soem Ofa now and had the problem that the hud is glitching out soemtime but with a reconnect its fixed again https://imgur.com/fPsWISr
_**Summary of both bugs**_ **Audio bug** When you play Miss fortune in her new skin (Gun Goddess) I have been experincing and notice that first some of her audio or voice lines get cut off at different parts for some reason. I am testing more with it and will comment back on the post if I find out how to recreate the voice line cutoff. **HUD bug** The second problem is when in Miss fortune Gun Goddess skin I have had that HUD just breaking such as either having the parts of the HUD cover your screen,Having no abilities show and not able to click on abilities to activate them. Ping covering the top left corner. However, if going to the pause menu and changing HUD scale the game crashes and forces the reconnect and will come back normal. Also keep in mind this HUD bug i have been noticing it in the One for All game mode on the PBE this happens and HUD will break or look different in many ways _**Testing steps**_ There are two methods of the HUD bug showing. **First way** 1.Click play and start a one for all gamemode 2.Choose/get Miss fortune and choose her gun goddess skin 3.Take Dark Harvest and relentless hunter (I assume it with these runes mess with the skin idk) 4.When the game loads in your HUD should be messed up. **Second way** 1.Start a group with two people in it and make sure your in voice chat. 2.Play one for all match (win or lose) 3.once you get out of match when loading stats appear exit out of client 4.open League of Legends client (PBE) 5.login and play a solo One for all (no groups) 6.Cast vote for Miss fortune and get her 7.equip Gun Goddess skin and get Dark harvest and choose sorcery as second rune and get transcendence and get ultimate hat 8.Once game starts bug should show itself having the HUD messed up _**Why is this bug important and should be taken care of.**_ If this HUD bug slips through live servers it will have affect how teams work when you play Miss fortune and give the enemy team a advantage on levels,gold,exp (when you disconnect and taking time to reconnect) it will result in the person playing Miss fortune to get blamed upon for this issue, reported, or even hated on by his/her team.
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