Ability Bug - Aatrox's ult doesn't revive on ARAM

Bug area ARAM and when using Aatrox Example: Aatrox R Short summary [Aatrox] - When using Aatrox ult properly, it will not revive you when taking lethal damage contrary to what the ability description says Body With the new Aatrox changes to his R where if you get the takedown, you get the revive, I got Aatrox on ARAM. I read the ult carefully, fully understanding how the ult works. A good amount of time into the game, I use the ult and properly get a takedown on a champ. I take lethal damage and DIE. No revive. This happened multiple times throughout the game every time I use the ult and die, so clearly Aatrox R just doesn't work properly and this isn't just a one time thing. The first time I died, I thought it was just my ult simply running out, but I was quite confused because I was paying attention to the ult duration the whole time. This clip right here though was maybe the third time I died on Aatrox's ult so it was clear that it was bugged. Malzahar has said this bug has been out for quite a bit of time so I'm quite not even sure if this bug even came with the new Aatrox changes. All I can confirm is that Aatrox ult as of now, does not work on ARAM. I have not tested this on SR nor practice tool. Testing : Simply go into ARAM and get the takedown with Aatrox ult. Die and see if you revive. {{champion:266}}
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