Hextech Crafting, crafting skins you already own?

I did a bit of crafting after the reset, bought all the champs and skins again and I went back to crafting. I have seen people say that you get the crafting error doing the 3 skin shards reroll because you already have all the skins you can craft, I have been crafting limited skins, the same ones you can get from a mystery skin chest. I tried to reroll 3 skin shards and I got the crafting error, I tried a few times before leaving and entering the crafting system again and then I noticed this http://imgur.com/BoUvEYw I cant redeem the Leopard Nidalee skin because I already have it, I'm pretty sure we shouldnt get skins we already own. I can still craft limited skins so I didnt reach the end of skin crafting, last craft I did I ended up with Firefighter Tristana. Pardon my bad English, its not my main language.
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