AFKing still gives first win bonus

I wanted to try Fiora in a coop vs ai game, but couldn't get into the game because of an error(gonna post it too) Then i closed the client, looked for some solution and after some time wanted one more try. Then the stuff happened. I was AFK for the whole game but i still got the first win bonus. Isn't it supposed to be that you can't get any XP on games you AFK'd? Or am i missing something? Here's the repro steps: - Make sure your first win bonus is available - Quee a coop vs ai game (DON'T TRY THAT ON NORMALS!) - Stay AFK for the whole game (again, DON'T TRY THAT ON NORMALS!) - Wait till the game ends - Enjoy your effortless bonus Note: I just can't be sure about this warning, so lemme write it once more: DON'T TRY THAT ON NORMALS! (i think i can relax now)
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