Initial PBR results

Hey testers, First off, thanks a ton for helping test the PBR! Even with its introduction about halfway through the cycle, we got a lot of useful information on how the PBR is being used, and areas that we could improve on in the future. We’re working on the next iteration of the PBR to address some of the initial points of confusion - these’ll include things like: 1. Displaying patch number on the form 2. Move “Loading screen” to its own field 3. Change “TL;DR” and “Repro steps” to more transparent terms Our current target for these improvements is during the 5.16 test cycle. We’ve also heard you on the desire for larger feature adds (ex. attachments) and after this next iteration is out the door we’ll be evaluating what we can do as far as bigger change is concerned. On a parting note, I wanted to share one of the more… interesting stories that came out of the PBR. One of you really took our request for PBR testing to heart, submitting over 8700 test reports in the span of about 20 minutes. The PBR weathered the storm like a champ and we were able to filter the reports out, though we’ll likely look into throttling for the future, just to be safe :) Many thanks, Riot Chesties {{champion:201}}
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