League Client failing to patch

The Two links above are part of a screenshot of what I see, the first shows what part it got stuck on then eventually freezes for a few seconds then give me the patching error. The second link shows that error I have. apparently, the links aren't showing in the proper box. so I will link them here. IMPORTANT: This problem just started today when the server went down for maintenance, i have played 1 match before it went down for maintenance then DURING the second game the server shut down for maintenance. When the server eventually went up i logged in and was waiting for patching then i got the error as described above and in the links. EDIT: Gonna download the pbe client shell for a "fresh start" in case my current pbe files are somehow corrupted. ill update if this fixes or not. UPDATE: No did not fix. Any Suggestions or can a rioter please help me solve this issue. First: http://imgur.com/a/CKzIC Second: http://imgur.com/a/nSuDQ
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