[Summoner's Rift, Health Bars] Health Bars on various creatures not showing damage

In two games, one as **Woad Scout Quinn** and one as **Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix**, many minions and and neutral monsters' health bars would fail to show the damage they had accrued. When these units would be clicked on, the larger tooltip also failed to show any damage taken. The only commonalities were the presence of an **Azir** and a **Soraka** in the game. Expounding more on this, for no apparent reason, Inhibitors and the Nexus itself would become untargetable for autoattacks, and my champion would only attack through passive attacking (auto auto-attacks). Notably, this became worse as the game progressed, to the point where we almost lost because I didn't know how low their Nexus was on health and backed off instead of winning. I do not know of any way to reproduce this bug.

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