[BUGS] Problems I encountered in PBE

I'm using Windows 7 Intel core i7 and has ATI RADEON HD 5450 My PC runs into no problem when using the NA client (except when it's a server lag) First, my concern is the new map graphic update. The inhibitor symbol on destruction doesn't show up, instead a blue box appears inside the circle. (.... inhibitor has been destroyed). This could be a graphic bug or incompatibility in flash display? And, after the game with the new map, my game also didn't go to the post game statistics, instead it crashed. (Yes I am aware that this bug happens on mac right now but remember I'm on windows. Also, I played a game of doom bot and the post game statistics showed up just well) When I started a new game using kog, also in the beggining, my and one of my team mate spawned in one place instead of having separate spawn sites on the base. I also played a bot game and I don't know if it happens to other modes but I played with a heimerdinger on my team, he's on mid and I'm bot but I can hear his mini turrets everytime I recall and when I'm on our base. I was playing sona and my team mate caitlyn can hear the heimer turret's sounds as well, even thought heimer or his turrets are nowhere near us. Also, I feel like caitlyn's autos are a little bit out of timing. I'm a caitlyn player since April 2011 and I just noticed this very slight difference. maybe one millisecond behind/ahead or maybe it's just the skin. (Headhunter Caitlyn) I know this should be in champions and gameplay feedback but I just want to put all my concerns in one post. sorry. Lastly, in doom bot, Maybe this has been mentioned many times but the bots doesn't seem to care if the team is split pushing. My team is pushing top and bot, from inner tower, all the way to the inhibitor and the bots only recalled when the inhibitors are already destroyed. They just kept on pushing mid, from our outer turret until the inhibitor turret. That's all my observation for now. I don't have the screeenshots sorry, but in the future, I will provide some.

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