I dont want this going live as it straight up looks like a bug. Illaoi used to get stacks from the vessel regardless of how it died and for dropping it to 50%. I understand that this is unhealthy and was nerfed but the nerf broke the damn rune on her. Now she can still proc it on the vessel but she not only DOESNT get a stack, but it also GOES ON COOLDOWN. She gets nothing from this and it ends up being a rune we would be gimping ourselves to use. I dont get why she cant proc it on the vessel and get the stack and still be able to kill it and get the stack. Considering you have to put your time and resources into killing the vessel that scales with the enemies stats, its not like the other uses where LB or Shaco would summon a clone and suicide it just to get a stack. You are actually required to fight for it and are rewarded for winning that fight. If it was changed to where if it timed out then you dont get a stack, hence it GOES ON COOLDOWN and if you manage to kill it while most likely fighting off the other player then Illaoi would be rewarded a stack or atleast a reset. This way she can go around getting 2 stacks every time she kills it. Illaoi is a special case and should be treated as such. Removing all interactions with her kit and runes/items isnt a good way of going about balance imho because it completely kills diversity. Realistically Illaoi has 2 runes that are used. Klepto and Conqueror. Please look into it. I want to have fun playing my champion again.... Dear, Illaoi main.

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