Champion Select on the new client

LoL Bugs (?)
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Well, the new patch seemed to be lagging which I'm not concerned about, of course it's because it's still being tested by us PBE users and I might have encountered either it's a bug or the client is lagging itself. I've just been blocked from queue twice because I "quit" champion select, when the client itself isn't allowing me to pick anything. On the 1st try after I accepted a match, it lagged for around 8-10 seconds before it proceeded to the champ select and all the champions were missing. And because I couldn't do anything about it, it blocked me for queuing for the next 5 minutes. On the 2nd try, accepting the match worked almost completely fine but after picking a champion, it wouldn't load the champion and after the countdown to the Select Lockdown screen where you'll have to pick the skin for the champion. The Lock In button couldn't be pressed either. It was just loading the champion. And when I was kicked from the queue again for 15 minutes, it just left a message that the champion couldn't be loaded and now I can't go for a queue for a while. Is anyone experiencing this?
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