Client Self-Closing

Hello everyone, I have stumbled upon several bugs with the client, the past hour. It appears that the client is very unstable. The issues that I have gotten are listed below: * **CLIENT LOGIN** * Now and then, after logging in the client closes itself * **SHOP** * After buying a capsule, my client closed itself (happened thrice in a row) * **CHAMPION SELECT** * During champion select, some champions take time to load (potentially due to connectivity issues) and some skins do not load (Dreadnova Gangplank chroma skins) * The client shuts itself off and you leave the match unintentionally. Re-logging in helps but often happens that I am too late to pick and lock in a champion * When in time to pick a champion, after logging in, no champions are available (champion select is blank) * **MATCH VICTORY/ DEFEAT** * After winning/ losing a match, my client closed itself Results of these issues: Remember, these are the issues that have occurred during _my _1 hour being active. I truly hope these issues will be solved *before* the weekend starts as updates do not occur during the weekends. {{summoner:4}} - SC/ML {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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