Title: [TFT In-game] - When removing/adding units to the board, synergy effects not updating.

Short summary: 1. Place units on the board to activate synergies. 2. Remove or replace units to modify synergies. 3. Some synergies that should no longer be active remain in effect, and ones that should be in effect sometimes are inactive. Example: I had 2 druids/3 woodland/2 cloud/2 blademaster active using Maokie, Ivern, Leblanc, Qiyana, Yasuo, Aatrox. When I removed Maokie and Ivern to add in Sivir + Kha'zix + a BotRK'd Olaf, 2 druids/3 woodland remained active and continued to clone Leblanc, while 3 assassins/4 blademasters/2 desert never activated. Over the next few rounds, I removed and returned units attempting to get the synergies to register and eventually the Leblanc and Kha'zix just disappeared from the board entirely.
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