Cant Join Anygame.

Hello, so everytime i try to login to any game it opens for a second and then it closes and a thing appears saying "A critical error has been occured would you like to troubleshooting this issue? this may take up to 5 minutes." "NOTE:the process may appear unresponsive during this time" I said yes. and it gave me this "A full memory dump of this process lets us better troubleshoot the issue, however it generates a considerably larger file that may take much longer to upload" " Would you like to take a full memory dump of the process?" I chosed yes and it says "Thank you. A crash dump was created at C:\Users\WIN7PC~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PKMBD57.tmp Please share this file with the development team. What am i suppose to do exactly? ;-; and also if i try to play a game in normal client it works so i think its about 9.11? Im not sure...
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