Gamebreaking bug with Qiyana (practice tool)

League of Legends TM Client 11 06 2019 22 36 47
Uploaded by MrVlekje5 on 2019-06-11.
so i just opened up practice tool to try some jungle Qiyana, however i noticed that when i spamm my q after reset i can keep spamming it untill i run out of mana. Basically the CD on R is reset every time i cast it. Note that CDR is not on at the moment i did this. Haven't tested this yet in a normal though. EDIT: "Waifu Sery" suggested that this is an issue with the practice tool and not necisairily with the champion. In the game i was playing i could recreate it easily but it didn't work in a custom and the second practice tool game i tried after it. EDIT 2: I've noticed that the fire/rock element is active before i use my pick element W skill even though the visual animation doesn't show it. I think the fact that the icon is showing it's on somehow made it so that in my gamestate the spell was reset. I don't know however how to get this to happen again EDIT 3: So i've noticed that after reseting my practice tool and changing my skill order i could reproduce it in practice tool. trying custom next. Basically i reset the game and started W instead of Q this time. Took red and then leveled Q. Somehow my red element stays and i can perma cast my Q without cooldown if i do it fast after eachoter. this stayed for the rest of the game EDIT 4: It's caused by resetting your game in practice tool. It will only work after you do that so it's not gamebreaking as it isn't reproduceable in normal games.
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