Victorious Morgana at 999999 RP in the store

Captured with Lightshot
Firstly, I'm sorry for English. I would like to ask you about the price of this skin in the game store. She appeared in my store after buying all possible in-game along with others such as King Rammus, Victorious Elise, Riot Squad Singed, but with affordable prices, and only that of Morgaine that is impossible to buy. I asked some friends and they answered me to use the mysterious chest of skin, however as it appeared after I bought all, I could not use, since it has to have at least 10 in the store. I opened a ticket to Riot BR and they answered that I was in tests, but my friends have this skin and they obtained by the method I said before, but is there any way to get it without being that way? Since it is impossible for me to use this mysterious chest. Thanks in advance.
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