URF Thresh's Bug

I Was In Game As Star Guardian Syndra With My Premade Zyra - We Encountered A Bug Which Only Our Team Could See And The Enemy Could Not - This Is Exactly What Happened : I (Syndra) Had A Fight With Thresh Who Killed Me With The Aid Of Janna And Used His Lantern To Shield Himself And Everything Is Okay Up To Here And Then Zyra Comes In And These Abilities Are All Used At The Same Time : First Zyra's E Roots Thresh Then Thresh Uses His Lantern To Shield Himself And Then Uses Q To Grab Zyra After This Fight Thresh's Lantern Was There The Whole Game And Was Visible Only To Us (The Red Team) And It Could Also Show The Direction To Thresh Himself - Need To Mention The Lantern Wasn't In The Replay Either But Luckily I Took Screenshots In The Game Here Are Some Screenshots That I Could Take : [](https://imgur.com/47YlSnc) https://imgur.com/iRnMTcj https://imgur.com/2eO73RZ https://imgur.com/QIDwiow https://imgur.com/qNPtxLg https://imgur.com/Wydzolk https://imgur.com/k7OO99k
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