[visual bug] - Seraph's embrace

I was playing a game with veigar and had a Seraph's embrace{{item:3048}} . I used it just the second i before i died, which resulted in the particle aura from the item the ''blue circle'' staying on me even after i respawned and for the entirety of the game. I hope i'm reporting a valid bug and it isn't just some sort of visual bug on my side, or me simply being dumb edit: i forgot to mention, but while in game, my friend could also see the ''aura'' imgur image: https://imgur.com/CPIpFM4 how to recreate (i assume so): 1. play a champ (not sure if it's veigar specific, maybe it is) 2. buy the item{{item:3048}} 3. use the item like 1 second before dying (that's what i did in my scenario) 4. wait to respawn and see if you have the particles on you. let me know if you guys find out more on the bug or you fix it in the comments.
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