Team Builder Bugs!

Hello Summoners! Found a bug while testing out Team Builder? You’ve come to the right place! We’re going to be collecting and listing all bugs with Team Builder in this thread. Please do the following to help us best triage your report: • When you experienced the bug, were you a Captain or a Solo? • Include the phase of Team Builder you were in when you experienced the bug. (Examples: “I was a Captain and was searching for solos.” “I was a Solo waiting to be matched with a group.”) • List whatever steps are necessary to reproduce the bug. • The Last “repro step” should be the buggy behavior that you observed. We’ll be doing our best to keep the Known Bugs section up to date so that you guys have a good handle on what bugs have already been reported, what to expect when you’re testing, and what bugs will be getting fixed the next time we patch Team Builder. Thank you for your support! ------------------------------ ---- ------ **Known Bugs:** 1.) Skin selection is not yet enabled - MrKillaLol97 2.) Buddies who are in games that were started through Team Builder show up as spectatable in the buddy list even though they are not. They also don't say what champion they are playing as in the buddy list. - Shounen Jump 3.) Summoner spells default to Ghost and Heal even after going through successful Team Builder sessions with different spells selected. - tasteyimpulse 4.) As a captain, inviting friends from the buddy list menu does not work. (Only invites from the Team Builder Invite button will work.) - vLemon 5.) Summoner Icons on the Loading Screen don't represent the summoners' actual icons. Similarly the icons in Team Builder lobbies don't represent the summoners' actual icons. - Juda2g, ScottyRawr 6.) [Chat] Team builder lobby chat is broken for Solos - Solos cannot use some numbers, punctuation, and some letters are always capitalized. - MountTanion, Miscanth, Keeks Marone, I Rock This, Tikigod, The Stormsman, Abyssionknight, Sloth Shogunate, Kietzenkalle 7.) When Selecting a champion as a Captain or a Solo, if you re-pick the same champion, it will not close the select champion dialog. You will have to hit "Esc" to close the dialog or pick a different champion. - SheepOfChaos, Syarris, chjacobsen, Godlike, kYw, PBE Aether, Lunarkh, Spin DrEmann 8.) It's possible to get stuck in a bad state as a Captain or Solo where you will be unable to Create or Join a group and get the "Invalid Context" error. - x3kmak 9.) After a Captain left the group, there was no notification sent to the other members of the group. - Cartmanland 10.) Game failed to start after Ready/Unready spam in the lobby. - masterimp 11.) After entering matchmaking, Team Builder lobby failed to transition all players to the game resulting in a leave for certain players. - Joel Santana 12.) After entering the Team Builder queue as a Solo, there is no estimation for when you will find a match. - ShinySushi, Demonic Cyclone 13.) After finishing a Team Builder game, the end of game stats screen was not presented at all. Instead, the client was pushed straight to the landing page. - I Rock This 14.) After declining a player, a Captain may get the "CANDIDATE_NOT_FOUND" error. - PBE Aether 15.) ASYNC_TIMEOUT error is occasionally thrown. [no repro] - PBE Aether 16.) Matchmaking Adjustment Icon tooltip will not disappear after being hovered over - xxSoup
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