Warwick and Conqueror

Bug area Warwick with new Conqueror Short summary Warwicks boosted passive healing from autos under 25% health do not seem to be properly calculated when you have the Conqueror buff. GOOD: Warwick passive 150% bonus healing from the magic damage on his autos are calculated correctly when having the conqueror buff BAD: Healing is not properly calculated Body What were you doing when you found the issue? *Testing out the new Conq on my favorite champion How can we test the issue? *Practice tool and get hit by turret to under 25% health and attack the target dummy with and without the conqueror buff. You will notice that the healing is substantially lower when you have conqueror Please attach a picture or video, if possible! You can read the description for more detail on the exact numbers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0I_ix3fdVY (not my video. Thanks Sweaty!)
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