[Gameplay] Multiple Elementalist Lux Bugs/Water Form Recall Crashes Game (Video & Gifs)

There are quite a few bugs with Elementalist Lux. **Water Form Crashes Game** The major bug is the **water** form recall. I tried it a few times in the practice tool and it crashed the game every time. See video [here.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHZy_f3n1W0) **Ghost/Texture Bug** Some of the forms have a floaty ghost thing around them while others just aren't using their proper textures. Gifs [here](https://imgur.com/gallery/5HZkc), list below. Forms with "Ghost/Shadow": • Ice • Lightning • Magma • Nature The backup dancers on all forms except **light** are missing their respective textures. The dancers on **air** form are backwards; they're facing Lux instead of behind her. All forms are also using the light VFX instead of their respective VFX as well. No visual for that though. **Replicating the Bugs** 1. Use Elementalist Lux skin. 2. Advance to any form (except light). 3. Recall if using water form (please don't do this in an actual game). I hope that helps.
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