LeBlanc Ultimate Icon and Use

LeBlanc Ultimate Bug | League of Legends | PBE
A bug showing the interaction between LeBlanc's ultimate ability, the icon displayed for it, and the Ultimate Hat Rune.
LeBlanc's Ultimate ability and icon will revert to the non-PBE version and will allow a single proc of the ultimate hat rune. When messing around with the "new" PBE LeBlanc, I noticed that ultimate hat was not updating with every use of my ultimate. As the game continued, I noticed ultimate hat had updated a few times, but not with every cast of her R. I took it to the practice tool and found that casting and recasting LeBlanc's mimicked Q and W will switch her ultimate's icon to the non-PBE version. When using the mimicked Q, her ultimate can not be recast until she first uses an ability, but if the player uses mimicked W twice (returning to the original cast position), the changed ultimate will show it can be used. If the player uses her changed ultimate, it will visually show that her R is toggled and, after a short amount of time, will change to a non-castable version (like when using mimicked Q). Ultimate Hat will be triggered on the next mimicked ability, but will not work until the non-PBE ultimate is cast again. To activate Ultimate Hat on PBE: W, R, R, "Toggle" R,(Q, W, or E), R. Her E can be spammed with her ultimate and uses the correct icon after it goes on cooldown.

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