Can't Buy Champions or Skins

I tried to unlock Elise, and it gave me the notification she was unlocked, however I couldn't unlock her SG skin and it said "requires champion" I restarted my client, came back, Elise was still purchasable in shop as if I didn't buy her, bought Elise again, same thing. I've done it quite a few times and its taking the RP out of my PBE account continously. I still don't have her or access to the skin. EDIT: Or access to any of her skins in champ select. EDIT 2: Also my account is still level 4 when I did get my BE and RP... worth mentioning that. EDIT 3: Elise just unlocked on my account without me doing anything, SG elise however is now having the same issue as the Elise. --- 2 hours --- EDIT 4: Got the SG skin, trying it out in a game now, but I tried buying the icon just now and its having the same mentioned bug for that. --- 20 minutes ---- EDIT 5: Got the icon.
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