League Client Scaling Bug Megathread

With 9.23 hitting PBE, we want to get a jump on a bug we're anticipating will have some reports. This is one that we're aware of but could use more data to better narrow things down. We're aware of a bug that causes window scaling on Windows machines to occasionally break the scaling of the League Client, resulting in the screen appearing either too large or too small for the application frame (examples in images below). https://imgur.com/TGVdPeV https://imgur.com/TuO9g7B Update: See Riot Aperolls message below. ~~While we're actively investigating this and working on a fix, it'd be a huge benefit to us to hear from any of you bumping up against this bug on PBE. If you encounter any issues with Client scaling, please help us get to the bottom of the issue by providing answers to the following questions:~~ ~~- How many monitors do you have running?~~ ~~- What are the native resolutions of your monitors (1080p, 4k, etc)?~~ ~~- What OS version are you running (you can find this in System Information)?~~ ~~- How did you reproduce this issue (e.g. dragged client to another screen, mis-sized at launch, etc)?~~ ~~- What are your windows scaling settings (see image below)?~~ https://imgur.com/BHirvL8

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