[Patcher] "Error resolving lol.dyn.riotcdn.net: Error resolving addresses: Overlapped I/O pending."

_Patcher_ --- [Patcher] - _The Patcher, as well as the built in Full Repair tool, both run into the same logged error when trying to force a repatch._ --- ​​This applies to both normal patching, as well as when the `Settings->Initiate Full Repair` tool is used. Both times, the process gets stuck on the same error (shown in the logs) that repeats every thirty seconds unto eternity. > OKAY| <unknown-plugin>| Patcher: Resolving hostname lol.dyn.riotcdn.net > WARN| <unknown-plugin>| Patcher: Error resolving lol.dyn.riotcdn.net: Error resolving addresses: Overlapped I/O pending. ----- I have left both the patcher (normal client) and the full repair tool (mode of the client) running overnight, to no avail or noticeable change. Curiously I was able to play the PBE fine this patch cycle a few days ago, on the first patch base. I was simply unable to obtain any of the future patches. I tried reinstalling the PBE client from scratch, to no difference. I was able to download the base solution (first patch) though, however. I have not encountered this issue in recent memory on the regular (non-PBE) client. Any recommendations would be very grateful to me :) Zip file of the logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bygu662lQrkXjDqtFvbLVVjjZzsm-L_O
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