Dragon and Baron AI on Summoners Rift tutorial map

When you play the tutorial for Summoners Rift you may be tasked with killing jungle minions. Well I being the boss Ashe that I am decided to do Dragon. He never took off, he just stayed on the ground, didn't move, just stared at me, not attacking, and died. Then 6 minutes later, he just reappeared as if nothing had happened, no flying in animation or anything. So, this got me thinking, well what about Baron? As it turns out HE DOES NOTHING EITHER, however his AoE aura still ticks on you, and as far as I could tell the bots were lured to my location, even going so far as to have malphite ult me from the shroud. TL;DR New baron and dragon have no AI on the SR tutorial and no animations. Edit: I have experimented with this and further found that this occurs on live as well.
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