[Poppy] Ult / Ultimate randomly drops people

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Uploaded by Rocknsugar1 on 2017-11-22.
**Bug area** This bug happens in the game. I've only tested it on the base poppy skin and the new fawn something poppy skin. I've also only tested it on practice tool and in intermediate bots. **Short summary ** After ulting a target, they will sometimes fly a random distance and then randomly drop. I've tried it against soraka [In practise mode], kayle, and zilean [both in bots], and they've at least at one point act drop randomly. In addition, the targets don't show a location where they will land when they glitch out, as in it is not marked where they will fall whereas it _is_ marked where they land in a normal poppy ultimate. **Body** Again, I was playing intermediate bots when I discovered this bug. My runes and items are shown in the video, as it is a screening of the live game in process. While this happened three times, it seemed to be the most common when I was on the **top** side (blue?) and in bottom lane. I do not know how to replicate this bug, as I tried doing it several times in practice mode on a bot and I could not get the bot to reliably glitch out in poppy's ultimate. Steps: 1. Pick poppy in a match and start the match 2. Reach level 6, and unlock her ultimate 3. Use it on an enemy champion 4. If it glitches out, the enemy champion will fly a distance (usually short) and then suddenly drop down. 5. It is not a player-side glitch, as demonstrated by jinx displaying her disbelief by saying, "wtf", after the glitch occurred. I have multiple videos of it, however I am unable to think of a way to combine them together so that they can be uploaded onto 1 youtube video. If you would like me to post those videos as well, I can do so. I have posted a video, and I'll relink the one in [Link] [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQv3S-L4xTE) in case it doesn't work. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! {{sticker:poppy-wink}} P.S. Sorry for the unprofessional "?"'s being dropped in the video.

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