Getting stuck in Practice Tool! Fun!

Hello (again), I discovered (not for the **first** time) a _connection issue_ (yep again) with the Practice Tool. So I started a game to see if the bug with the _missing ground_ got already fixed after the patch cycle (got **NOT** fixed) and I was stupid enough to end the game by pressing ~~Alt + F4~~ (don't do that). The first time it happend I was only stuck for like 5-10 minutes till a notification showed up that a kind of error happend or something (can't remember)... Now I'm stuck for more than a hour and I tried to **reconnect** (ends up with the internet issue error, where you can try again or cancel), **Log out and in** adn the great **initial Repair**, nothing workes yikes. btw my internet is fine **How I ended up being in this issue:** * Start a Practice-Tool-Game * Pick a champion * Leave the game by Alt + F4 :^) There it is! Have Fun Edit: I got out after 2:48 hours, by waiting 75 min **NOT LOGGING OUT** and after the 75 i restarted the client. Great experience!
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