Can we talk about CC interactions between Dash champions or mobility champions???

This has gotten to the point where its literally bs in a game. Champions who have a blink or dash are not getting properly cc'ed even though the cc landed ({{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} bindings, {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} grips, {{champion:89}} go to's) are getting cc'ed but AFTER the cc has already hit but the dashes and blinks still go through. On cases like Leona or Nautilus, Leona gets dragged across the entire map by {{champion:81}} , Nautilus pulls on regular terrain but the champion targeted still gets pulled after they blinked, and the CC occurs after they escaped. Couldn't it make the cast time cancelled or something for those champions???? Bindings/Roots should stop a champion in place because you know.. ITS A ROOT!!! as in ROOT IN PLACE??? Issue with {{champion:64}} and {{champion:16}} Silence field. If the commands are issued right, they still go off when hes in the silence field. Point short. When someone is CC'd during their cast time form their escape, it should be cancelled unless specified by the ability itself. Issue with {{champion:120}} Still gets knocked back when Hecarim gets to the Jump part of his animation when someone escapes (Dash, and Blink even{{summoner:4}} ) Really I feel like I'm being cheated in my games because I land all my skill shots but they still don't do what they're supposed to even though they landed.
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