Thresh Bug in Sandbox mode

Title: [Thresh] – Can double cast Death Sentence twice. {{champion:412}} Body: If Thresh has the Auto Refresh Cooldowns activated he can cast a Q while there is another one in mid air. This bugs the animation and it seems that the Q has been cancel by a Spell shield. Both target Dummies affected move towards Thresh even if there is no hook attached to them. Reproduction steps: 1. Activate the Auto Refresh Cooldowns 2. Have one or more points in Q. (Doesn't seems to affect since the cd gets refreshed) 3. Use Q and immediately while its in the wind-up animation press it again in the same or different direction. Here are the links for both Gifs. The one on the top looks bad and I don't know how to add links in the post since they don't show up. ( (
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