A very interesting visual bug

Today I had a quite funny visual bug for the first time in my life. Although, it happened on EUNE server, when playing ranked game. I post this information here, because I believe that here I will get more attention from Riot and this issue will be investigated. So, to the problem. My lane opponent - Lux. Looked completely normal on screen, however, in mini-map, she appeared like a walking ignite. No joking. Her profile picture was swapped with the summoner spell called - "ignite". When she killed someone or when she got killed, instead of her, the very same ignite picture appeared, instead of Lux profile. I really don't know why I didn't take a screenshot, but you can believe me, that that's what really happened and I didn't make this up. From the game side of view, this bug is not affecting game so much that it could bring some kind of disadvantage to any of teams. That just looks funny, but as bug, it shouldn't be there and has to be fixed. However, since in nearly 2 years of my time in League, it was first time I got something like that, this bug can be counted as rare and not dangerous.
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