Morde has the same QSS problem Zed used to have

Remember when you could just use QSS on Zed ult to be free and safe from it? Well that nonesense is back and put on Mordekaiser! Yep, QSS makes another ult just UTTERLY useless. Even refunds your stats stolen and everything while it just cancels the ult entirely putting you safely back into the same realm as everyone else. Now if this isn't a big I'd say it's just HORRIBLE balance choices that should get a hotfix real quick because all it does is make Mordekaiser's ult worthless to take down carries or even keep them out of a fight. It doesn't even matter when you use QSS either, you can just relocate closest to where you saw your allies last and when Morde gets too close you just QSS and Morde will be instantly stuck in the entire enemy team AND lose the stats he stole. During the cast when he slows the enemy to banish both into the realm of the dead I can understand why that would be balanced, but AFTER you are both put in there? Come on, Riot! The entire gimmick with the ult is to force a 1v1 with the odds on Morde's side to change the odds. To have an item to completely nullify that is kinda dumb Please say it's a bug and it's gonna be fixed...
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