Major vulnerabilities with new client?

So, I was wondering if there are differences on the way the new client treats passwords, or in general password management for the account (taking in consideration this new mechanic of "don't log me out, just close the game"). I ask this because, whatever have been done to change it, sound to me like a vulnerability might have been discovered. Maybe I am just paranoid, but there has been an outbreak of hacked accounts on the PBE. I have not heard of any stolen account on live servers, and they don't have the new client. Also, why now if it was not because of the client, and why only PBE? My account, like many others, was hacked by some chinese guy, yes like many others as well, but not any of my live accounts. Even my account on NA and LAN were unsuccessfully hacked (they tried, didn't make it), but on PBE they did it even while I was logged in! I would investigate further, but I've got not much time... maybe someone there can take a look for a potential vulnerability?
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