Connection issue after champion selection

So hey guys and weebs :^) there was an issue with the connection or something, since I couldnt (same as my friend from NA) reach the loading screen after the champion selection. We were stuck in the client (with the **Reconnect** button right in front of us (**_YIKES_**)) for like 20 mins in a ranked game. This happend twice (idk anymore but I guess it was the game after that) and **NO** there were no maintances and the PBE was **NOT** shut down (it got shut down like 2 or 3 hours later). Sadly, I don't have proof since the game just vanished from the my and my friend's match-history but I honestly don't want to experience this again. Could you somehow take a look about that and why this happend. Btw by clicking the **Reconnect** button, there was only an error warning about connection issues from me or the game itself. With best regards, an odd human with a ping of 130 ms (EU > NA) :^)
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