[Bug] Sled makes you being invulnerable from Bardle Royale out of ring damage.

[PBE] League of Legends, Nexus Blitz Sled/Bardle Royale interaction
If your team has the Sled reward after winning an event, and the upcoming event is any kind of Bardle Royale event; being inside of the Sled will make you invulnerable of the bardle Royale out of ring damage, making the event easy to win.
**Description:** If you have the Sled as a reward after winning an event, you can use it to survive the burning damage taken for being outside of the circle of Bardle Royale event, which means a 100% guarenteed win for the team who has the Sled. **Steps:** 1. Play any champion in any team on Nexus Blitz. 2. Win an upcoming event and receive the Sled reward (which is random) 3. Wait for the next upcoming events. One of them must be Bardle Royale 4. Once the Bardle Royale event starts, get inside the Sled and stay in base. 5. The circle will get smaller and smaller, which it will eventually burn everyone inside except the champions inside the Sled. **Comments:** - Since the Sled doesnt receive damage being in base (which is the way its been coded), it makes you invulnerable at any kind of damage, even the burning damage from Bardle Royale. - This bug is easily reproducible as long as you have the Sled and you stay in base once the Bardle Royale event happens. - One way to solve this is by letting the sled receive damage (as long as its true damage) or simply dont let the Sled regenerate its health being in base. **Video:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAAaQpiqqtg

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