Talon Draws Turret Aggro When Using E (Cutthroat)

When in lane and pushed up to the enemy, I used my Cutthroat to teleport to a Zilean bot just to test my mobility since the E is a "teleport" that does no damage but only amplifies damage AFTERWARDS. Instead of just teleporting, however, the turret identified Cutthroat as a damage ability and switched aggro to me even though I had not attacked Zilean and still had my ally minions in the turret range. As far as I know abilities under turret that simply silence, stun, slow, fear without doing any damage will NOT draw aggro (Ex. Fiddle fear under enemy turret is a great once I enjoy using). Steps to reproduce: 1) Push minions to turret 2) Have a few ally minions with you attacking turret 3) Cutthroat to enemy and do not deal any damage 4) Die from turret aggro :(

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