RIOT please FIX the live server load screen ERROR problem / autofilled in ranking promotion game

Hi I know this is PBE but i have to say its really annoying on Live Server with this alot of launcher issues atm. Every third game when i start a game (Draft or Ranked) the load screen wont load and i have to close my client or restart my computer. A lot of people have the same problem than me. The EUW Forum is full with post of this issues. In a normal its not that big problem if the client crash- BUT in a RANKED its a BIG problem. Because if you cant reconnect you lose LP and u get a leave buster. This sucks- sorry. How this can be that in every third game the load screen wont start and if u cant recconect that you losing a lot of LP? Please FIX this issues. Its horrible to play like that. Regards Drako P.S And pelase fix the AUTOFILL in RANKING System too. I got autrofilled 3 times in mine PROMOTION. I had logged in Mid lane as first and support as second role and i get autofilled as ADC or JGL! How this can be? In PROMOTION? I never get autofilled in a ranked game but since the last patch i get autofilled in raked every second game..
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