Illaoi pre VFX and SFX Battlecast bugs

Illaoi currently has some vfx and sfx bugs that happen across all skins. This means that Battlecast will also have them. This is the best occasion to get them fixed (hopes up!). 1. The most important one is the ult one. Sometimes Illaoi's ult gets visually bugged making her drop to the ground quicker (she is still locked out for the duration of the animation). Happens when flashing while in ult or occasionally when ulting after moving (i hear she might have a jetpack with her ult. This ruins everything) 2. Sometimes if Illaoi dances or always when she spam dances, tentacles sfx will not stop when she stops dancing. If she dances again the Tentacles will add another SFX on top of the previous one and this can continue infinitely. 3. When Illaoi gets knocked up or when some enemies abilities go in her direction, her E becomes invisible. 4. E is invisible to enemies if launched from fog of war. 5. If Illaoi grabs the spirit of a camouflaged champion revealed by a control ward, the spirit will be invisible. 6. If the vessel cleans/saves himself from vesseling, when he enters fog of war a ghost with his model will stop at his location and start moving in place. 7. If you R-W while a tentacle is using its normal attack, the second attack from W will start immediately but the first attack won't get cancelled and still go on, invisible. 8. When spirits die they use the champion's death SFX (happened lots of times with yasuo, don't know if that has something to do with it). 9. Tentacles reveal themselves when in fog of war (ex: enemy in base-Illaoi attacking blue-Enemies looking at the map-Seeing and hearing the Tentacles attacking) 10. When Illaoi E-s a target that is raged (red lifebar, ex, renek, gnar etc...) the spirit will not show it's lifetime. 11. If you W when a tentacle is spawning you still hear the Tentacle attack SFX even if it can't attack since it didn't finish spawning yet. 12. Sometimes when W-ing the moment she dies while having Guardian Angel Illaoi will stand up while getting resurrected. 13. Is there any particular reasons allies and enemies other than Illaoi and the vesseled can see who's vesseled? It's not funny when you're vesseled and you have to scream in chat that you're vesseled. Same for Illaoi that has to scream she's going in. Pfew, this was hard. Hope it's useful for something. PS: Some videos can be found on my yt, [link]( PPS: I posted this here since Battlecast is under development and there's no better way to reach development stuff than on PBE.

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