[Legend of the Poro King] Cant rejoin after leaving a game

Hey guys, i just played a round of Legend of the Loro King, as suddendly a "attemting to reconnect" appeared and the match freezed. So i manually left the game (ESC->Leave Game) and the got straight back to the default Lobby...the page you see after you logged on... whatever his name may be. Anyways there was no way for me to join back into the Game i left. I could even queue up again... if anyone has any exlanation for that or experienced the same, leave me a reply. cheers -Canis [Steps to reproduce:] -Not reproducabe due to the random connection shut down... EDIT: We had a Vel'Koz in our team and the connection issue occured as he used hi ult... didnt recognize that until i saw this bug report: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/gV9Vy3QU-pbe-velkozs-ult-crashes-king-poro

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