Dear Riot,

Dear Riot, If you want to have a usable beta environment where its purpose is to test new things that are added to the game and ensure that they wont cause game breaking issues or have unidentified exploitable characteristics, it is imperative that these new things being added to the game are actually testable in the beta environment. I am aware that you have made a post discussing the RP issues and that you currently have a temporary "fix" by enabling new skins and champs to be purchased for 1 BE. But it seems you forgot that things like chromas need to actually be in the store to be purchased, and entirely new models on remade skins also need to be priced for 1 BE. I cant imagine this being that difficult of a thing to do as you already do these things (like enabling chromas and pricing things for 1 BE) all the time. And if this isnt as easy as it should be, maybe you should put more effort into fixing the only place for players to test your game before it could cause issues for actual paying customers. Thank You, A concerned player
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